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Eligibility: Can I use the MSCA software after I graduate or otherwise leave the UT System?

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Article Number : KB0011527
Published on : 2019-07-25
Last modified : 2019-07-25 22:05:59
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Under the terms of the MSCA, students, faculty, and staff are granted the right to use covered products while they are enrolled or employed at the university.

When students graduate, their right-to-use license is automatically transferred to them as a permanent license. Students will not be permitted to purchase new or replacement copies of media after graduation. The permanent license allows you to use the software at the version available at the time of graduation, and includes no upgrade rights.

Because faculty and staff home use is tied to use at work, faculty and staff will not have rights to use the software after they terminate employment unless they were granted other rights as a student.




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