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Managing MX Records

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Article Number : KB0011363
Published on : 2019-01-17
Last modified : 2019-01-17 17:31:01
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

An MX (mail exchanger) record maps a domain name to a mail exchanger. A mail exchanger is a server that either delivers or forwards mail. You can specify one or more mail exchangers for a zone, as well as the preference for using each mail exchanger. A standard MX record applies to a particular domain or subdomain.

Adding MX Records From Within The DNS Zone – Quick Start

  1. After logging in to the Grid Manager, navigate to the DNS zone in which you will create an MX record.
    • For instructions on navigating to the DNS zone of your choice, open the Managing Host Records page and follow steps 1 through 7 in the “To add a Host record from within the zone - quick start:” section.
  2. To add an MX record:
    • Click the down arrow to the right of the Plus button to the left of the central pane.
    • Select Record and then MX Record. 
    • The Add MX Record > Step 1 of 3 window will appear. NOTE: Notice that the zone “” is already next to the Name section. This is because we drilled down into the DNS zone rather than adding this entry from some other location within the DNS tab.
      1. Enter the hostname of the mail server in the Mail Destination box.

        NOTE: If you want to define an MX record for a domain whose name matches the zone you selected, leave this field blank. Grid Manager automatically adds the domain name (the same as the zone name) to the MX record.

      2. Key in the desired Mail Exchanger. This will usually be a UT server that scrubs email prior to delivery to a mail server such as
      3. Set the Preference. The preference should generally be a number between 10 and 100 and determines the order in which a client attempts to contact the target mail exchanger.
      4. Click Next
    • Click Next in the “Add MX Record > Step 2 of 3” window
    • Click Save & Close in the “Add MX Record > Step 3 of 3” window

Modify and Delete MX Records

When you modify an MX record, you can change the information you previously entered in the *General tab. You can also enter or edit information in the *TIL, Extensible Attributes and Permissions tabs. For information on modifying and deleting resource records, see Modifying, Disabling, and Deleting Host and Resource Records.

For instructions on how to access Infoblox Online documentation such as the Administrator Guide, review the following document: Accessing Infoblox Documentation




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