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Managing CNAME Records

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Article Number : KB0011361
Published on : 2019-01-17
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:24
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

A CNAME record maps an alias to a canonical name. You can use CNAME records in both forward- and IPv4 reverse-mapping zones to serve two different purposes.

CNAME Records In Forward-Mapping Zones

In a forward-mapping zone, a CNAME record maps an alias to a canonical (or official) name. CNAME records are often more convenient to use than canonical names because they can be shorter or more descriptive. For example, you can add a CNAME record that maps the to the canonical name

A CNAME record does not have to be in the same zone as the canonical name to which it maps. In addition, a CNAME record cannot have the same name as any other record in that zone.


To Add A CNAME Record From Within The DNS Zone – Quick Start

  1. After logging in to the Grid Manager, navigate to the DNS zone in which you will create a CNAME record.
    • For instructions on navigating to the DNS zone of your choice, open the Managing Host Records page and follow steps 1 through 7 in the “To add a Host record from within the zone - quick start:” section.
  2. To add a CNAME record:
    • Click the drop-down arrow next to the Plus  button to the left of the central pane.
    • Select Record and then CNAME Record
    • The Add CNAME Record > Step 1 of 3 window will appear. NOTE: Notice that the zone “” is already next to the Alias section. This is because we drilled down into the DNS zone rather than adding this entry from some other location within the DNS tab.
      1. Enter the desired alias in the Alias box.
      2. Enter the FQDN of the target host name in the Canonical Name box.
      3. Add comments to the Comment section (optional). 
      4. Click Next
    • Click Next in the "Add CNAME Record > Step 2 of 3” window.
    • Click Save & Close in the "Add A Record > Step 3 of 3” window.

Modifying and Deleting CNAME Records

When you modify a CNAME record, you can change the information in the General tab. You can also enter or edit information in the TIL, Extensible Attributes and Permissions tabs. For information on modifying and deleting resource records, see Modifying, Disabling, and Deleting Host and Resource Records.

For instructions on how to access Infoblox Online documentation such as the Administrator Guide, review the following document: Accessing Infoblox Documentation.




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