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Costs for ID Cards

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Article Number : KB0011343
Published on : 2019-08-07
Last modified : 2019-08-07 21:12:11
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New Card Costs

  • Students - $10 for INITIAL card and each additional card after that.
  • Employees - $0 for INITIAL card. $10 for replacement of lost or damaged card.
  • University Affiliates - $10 billed to the department via Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT). The account used for the $10 charge will be the incidental account entered in Workday for the Affiliated worker. If an incidental account is not listed, the incidental account for the supervisory organization will be charged instead.
  • UTemps - $0 for INITIAL card; for subsequent assignments $10 billed to department via Inter Departmental Transfer (IDT). This card is optional and a request must be finalized in Workday.


Replacement Card Costs 

There is a $10 replacement charge for lost, stolen, or damaged cards.




There is NO CHARGE for cards replaced for the following reasons:

  • Defective card
  • Normal wear and tear (This only includes photo, digits and/or barcode being unable to be read by UT Personell)
  • Legal name change 
  • Converting a standard ID card into a proximity card


Note: To ensure proper care of your ID card, you should avoid puncturing any part of the ID. It is recommended that you keep your ID in a protective sleeve that you purchase or that is provided by the ID Center.


ID Card Payment Options


University Affiliates

  • Departments sponsor cards through IDT (Inter Departmental Transactions) Account.


Note: 1: Name changes must be processed by the appropriate university offices before they will appear on your ID Card. Faculty and staff will need to visit Payroll Services in MAI 134. Students will need to visit the Registrar in MAI 1. Both offices will need proof of your name change (e.g. driver's license or passport).




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