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Learning Common FTP Commands

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Article Number : KB0011321
Published on : 2019-03-11
Last modified : 2019-03-11 16:00:06
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

At the prompt, you may type in an FTP command. To get a list of the commands available on your FTP program, type "help" or "?" at the FTP prompt:

        ftp> **help** 

        Commands may be abbreviated.  Commands are:

        !               delete          literal       prompt          send proxy

        ?               debug           ls            put             status

        append          dir             mdelete       pwd             trace

        ascii           disconnect      mdir          quit            type

        bell            get             mget          quote           user

        binary          glob            mkdir         recv            verbose

        bye             hash            mls           remotehelp

        cd              help            mput          rename

        close           lcd             open          rmdir

To request information about a specific FTP command, type

        ftp> **help _command_** 

where command is the specific FTP command about which you want information. For example, if you type

        ftp> **help delete** 

the FTP utility will return

        ftp> **help delete**   

              delete                Delete 

              remote file

Many other interface commands are available. FTP can be run with different options, so please refer to your manual or the UNIX man page on FTP for more information.




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