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Connecting to the UT FTP Server Using Your Browser

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Article Number : KB0011320
Published on : 2020-06-29
Last modified : 2020-06-29 15:22:10
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

  NOTICE: The service will be discontinued as of August 5,
          2020. All mirrored content will be removed from this server as of
          that date, and the server itself will be shut down on November 5,

Most Web browsers have a built-in FTP capability, so you should be able to simply link to using your browser. This automatically logs you in as "anonymous" and you can view the files and select files or entire directories to transfer to your computer.

From your computer, you may FTP to the server from the Command Prompt (PCs or Mac OS X) or you may use an FTP program such as Fetch for Macs or WS-FTP for PCs. The login name is "anonymous" and the password is your email address.




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