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Entitlements: SIG/IDP

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Article Number : KB0011284
Published on : 2020-04-15
Last modified : 2020-04-15 15:02:34
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Two special entitlements to be aware of as developers are IDP and SIG.

  • IDP (Identification-Proofed): this EID holder has had their identity verified, either by an authorized administrator or a notary public, through the display of a government issued photo ID.

  • SIG (Legal Signature): this EID holder has signed the UT Electronic Agreement and is therefore entitled to conduct legal transactions using their UT EID and password.


SIG/IDP and High Assurance

Prior to August 2016, the term "High Assurance" was used to indicate that an EID holder had completed both the Identity Proofing and Legal Signature processes.

"High Assurance" was equivalent to having both SIG and IDP entitlements.

The term "High Assurance" is deprecated and an EID with both SIG and IDP entitlements is now referred to as having been "upgraded."

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