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Requesting and Registering a Domain Name

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Article Number : KB0011253
Published on : 2019-01-17
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:55:36
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The University Communications Standards Committee (UCSC) is the authority for domain name assignments within the domain for university-wide services, projects, departments and organizations, which are managed within ITS' domain name system (DNS) service. ITS follows DNS naming conventions for all domain, net, gateway, and host names.

To request a domain name please send an email to the UT Networking Information Center, and include the following information:

1. Domain being requested 
2. Name and contact information for requesting party 
3. Department/Organization 
4. Justification on why they should qualify 

For more information about DNS and InfoBlox including self-service resources please visit the Domain Name System (DNS) ServiceNow Page.





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