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Registering Your Device for DNS Service

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Article Number : KB0011251
Published on : 2019-01-17
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:56:14
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Domain Name System (DNS), a distributed Internet directory service, is used primarily to resolve domain names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. While computers use IP numbers to locate each other on the Internet, people find them hard to remember. Therefore, domain names were developed to allow the use of easily remembered words and phrases to identify IP addresses.

Every time you visit a website or connect to a host, DNS service resolves — or translates — the host name into the corresponding IP address. For example, the university website can be reached by typing in the host name "". The DNS service resolves this name to its registered IP address "". One could reach the university website simply by typing in the IP address; however, most people find the domain or host name easier to remember.


Registering Your Device

ITS provides DNS service for the "" domain and the approximately 250 assigned or hosted domains within the University. All devices connected to UTnet must have an assigned DNS host name within their department or organization's domain and a corresponding IP address.

There is no charge for DNS services for any "" subdomain. There is an annual fee for hosting non-"" domains, but DNS registration for hosts within these domains is provided at no additional cost.

Once your department has registered your domain name and you have been allocated an IP address, network administrators should use these assignments when registering for DNS service. If you are using DHCP, you need to register your device.

  1. Choose an appropriate host name for your device.

  2. Send email to using the standard format for DNS service requests.


DNS Servers

ITS operates two query-resolution servers which are used for domain name resolution:

  • (

  • (

These two name servers average approximately 300 queries per second during peak hours. The name server addresses are only for hosts connected to UTnet. Usage off UTnet is not supported and is disallowed.




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