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Problems With a Network Connection

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Article Number : KB0011247
Published on : 2019-01-17
Last modified : 2019-01-17 15:38:27
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

ITS staff are available to manage or to assist in the management of departmental networks and connections to UTnet. For departmental networks managed internally, staff members regularly involved with diagnosing network problems that require specialized test equipment or access to network equipment beyond the departments point of access.


Technical Support Contacts (TSCs)

All departments should appoint a Technical Support Contact (TSC) to act as liaison with ITS for any troubleshooting or management questions, regardless of whether departments plan to manage their own networks.

TSCs are usually network administrators or system administrators, but may be any person in the department who can act as a point of contact for both ITS and members of the department.


Support for TSCs

ITS maintains an open dialogue with departmental TSCs to answer all consulting, technical, and troubleshooting questions regarding existing departmental networks and anticipated UTnet connections. Please email with any questions or requests for assistance.


Resources for TSCs

Most resources that TSCs need are available on the Web from the UT Network Information Center (UTnic) or from the UTnet Utilities (or TSC Tools). The information available assists TSCs in the administration of their systems, networks, and connections to UTnet.


Note: A TSC must have a valid user account to access the TSC Tools website. Please email for access.




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