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PXE-Booting a Computer to Install Windows

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Article Number : KB0010983
Published on : 2017-01-27
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:55:53
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Complete the following steps to PXE-boot your computer to install a Windows operating system.

  1. Configure the client BIOS to enable PXE boot. It is not recommended that you set the boot order so that Boot from network is first, although you can. If you do not, you will need to select your Network Boot option at startup, typically by pressing F12.

  2. When prompted, press F12 to initiate the PXE boot process.

  3. Select the appropriate Windows PE boot image from the boot menu.

  4. On the Install Windows page, select your locale and keyboard layout, then click Next.

  5. When prompted, enter your AUSTIN\[EID] and password to authenticate to the Windows Deployment Services server.

  6. Select an available operating system, then click Next.

  7. On the Where do you want to install Windows? page, select the disk and partition for your Windows installation. You may optionally load a mass storage driver if required by pressing F6, or select Advanced options to format or partition the disk.




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