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WorldSpace Glossary

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Article Number : KB0010965
Published on : 2020-02-25
Last modified : 2020-02-25 17:36:17
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


An issue is a violation of a Section 508 accessibility guideline. Issues are assigned a priority level:

  • Critical: Should be addressed first. Critical issues may make it impossible or very difficult for users of assistive technology to complete the tasks on the page.
  • Serious: Should be addressed after critical issues. Serious issues make using the Web page difficult, requiring extra effort by users of assistive technology.
  • Moderate: Should be addressed after critical and serious issues. Moderate issues make using the Web page difficult or annoying to users of assistive technology.



Organizations in our instance of WorldSpace map to Dean and Vice President-level units and departments. Organizations also serve as containers for Projects. For additional information on Organizations, see How WorldSpace is Organized.



A project is a website or a collection of pages scanned for accessibility issues. For additional information on Projects, see How WorldSpace is Organized.



This person has been granted WorldSpace administrator rights to manage projects and users within a WorldSpace organization/project and will receive scan completion emails.



A user is a person who has logged in at least once to WorldSpace.



A group is a set of users; groups are used to give users permission to access Projects.



This term refers to anyone that is added to a Project as a member of a Group in WorldSpace.


External Resources

Additional terminology can be found on the Deque Product User Guides.

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