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Adding Users to a Project

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Article Number : KB0010948
Published on : 2020-01-17
Last modified : 2020-01-17 13:38:25
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Users are not directly associated with a Project in WorldSpace. Instead, individual users must be added to a Group at the Organization level. Groups are then added to a Project granting view access to all Group Members. Groups are used for no other purpose than to give access to a Project

Note: Do NOT add users as Organization Administrators or Project Administrators unless they have permission to modify the scan settings.


Adding Users

Users must log in at least once to WorldSpace to be added to a Group. Individual users must be added to a Group at the Organization level, which is then added to a Project.


Creating a Group

Once a user has logged into WorldSpace at least once, you will be able to add them to a Group.

  1. On the Welcome to WorldSpace or Home page, go to any Project in the appropriate Organization
  2. Under the Settings menu, select Organization
  3. Click Groups
  4. Click Create group
  5. Complete the form: Group namesomething to identify the team responsible for the site, TypeGuest
  6. Click Add
  7. Select the EIDs for Group Members from the Add Members modal
  8. Click Add to close the Add Members modal
  9. Click Create


Adding Groups to a Project

  1. On the Welcome to WorldSpace or Home page, go to the appropriate Project
  2. Under the Settings menu, select Project
  3. Click Users
  4. Select the appropriate group from the Suggestions menu
  5. Click Add Groups




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