Receiving a W-2 Report Via "Notify Me Later"

I clicked "Notify Me Later" when I requested to view my W-2 in Workday and now I can’t find it.   How can I view it?

The "Notify Me Later" dialog box can be ignored in most cases when selecting to view your W-2 in Workday.  If you do nothing when this dialog box appears, Workday will automatically display your W-2.  If you click Notify Me Later, you may receive a pop up notification in the right corner and you can select that to see your W-2. Additionally, if you close Workday and return later, the W-2 will be saved to the "My Reports" section of your profile. Complete the steps below to access the “My Reports” section of your profile:
  1. Log into Workday: 
  2. Click the Cloud icon (or profile picture) on the upper right corner of your Workday screen.
  3. Click My Reports.
  4. Click the W-2 report file name link from the My Reports page.
Note: Your W-2 will remain in the “My Reports” section of your profile for five calendar days and will automatically be deleted after that.